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The Pendulum · Why you need one?

When I first approached a pendulum I was maybe 10 years old, they were scissors and we used them with a notebook, I don't remember exactly how. What is certain is that we received yes and no answers. I also remember using it at school, a girls' school with deeply Catholic teachers, and I felt like a heretic, proudly rebellious against the norms of the Catholic church.

Many years later, in 2018, I was in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Some people had already told me about the pendulum and how much it could help me. I am a Libra, and making decisions is not my strongest skill. So I went to the market with a friend I had made the day before, I found a beautiful pendulum that I resonated with, and according to the information shown, it was the perfect pendulum for a libra. Cherry agate. I discussed the price with the man at the small stall in the local market but it seemed a bit high and I thought I could find it for a better price elsewhere. My friend and I walked on.


Market at San Cristobal de la Casas, all rights reserved

A few minutes later my friend greets a man of mysterious energy, who was walking in our direction, shakes his hand, they exchange a couple of words, nothing out of the ordinary, say goodbye and go their separate ways. My friend then laughs, opening his hand and discovering what the man had handed him, he looks at me and tells me that this is a gift for me. When he shows me what is in his hand, oh surprise!, it is the pendulum I had seen before, a gift from that mysterious man. And so my first pendulum came into my life.

According to what I had read and been told, I needed to clean it, charge it and program it. I cleaned it with tap water and visualised it being cleansed of all impurities and energies that did not belong to it. I charged it with my hands, putting my intention and energy into it. I took the pendulum chain with the fingers of one hand, and the pendulum over the palm of the other hand, I swung it to one side and said "this is a no", and swung it to the other side and said, "this is a yes". And I started asking simple questions, like "my name is..." or "I'm in..." or "I'm in...". I also asked teenage questions, like "I'm going to see X again in 2018", I had read that you have to be very precise when asking it questions, and be very punctual with dates and places.


I kept practicing, playing with the pendulum, putting it on people and feeling the energy changes in each part. I could feel where there were injuries or scars but I hadn't really been able to connect very well with the process of asking and receiving answers, I noticed that I felt a bit ridiculous asking and always doubted the answers.

A few months later, when I was in Panchán Palenque, Mexico, I met a great Reiki master, Michael Yaxk'in. One day I was on my way to a monkey sanctuary and Michael was in the house where I was staying, we talked briefly and he asked me about my pendulum, I showed it to him, and he took it and blew on it. I didn't know at the time that Michael was a Reiki master and I didn't think much of it either, I felt that he wanted to help me and that he did it with a lot of love and that was the important thing, for me, Michael had filled my pendulum with love.

That day I got lost in the jungle, and I used the pendulum to find my way, I asked it, should I go this way right now, so I found an even better experience than the monkey sanctuary I was originally planning to go to. I arrived at a place called "El Jardín" and there I met a great man who was part of the beginning of yoga in the west, Baptiste Marceau, who was preparing the master medicine, Ayahuasca, and who invited me to help him with the preparation.



Then I started to feel more and more my connection with the pendulum, I noticed that before Michael's attunement, I was influencing the response with my desires. I believe that Michael did not tune the pendulum but me, because after that day, every time I connected with the pendulum, my mind was blank, with zero attachment to a yes or no, instead there was a total surrender to whatever destiny brought me. And so it was that I found answers for many things, but mainly, for which path to take at certain times.

Many times the path was not easy, I remember the time I was walking on a pilgrimage to Wirikuta, Mexico. My friend and I were unsure of the path and used my pendulum. It sent us up a steep ridge where only goats could walk up and down the hill, but since we had already walked quite a way down the wrong path, this was the only way to get back on the right path in time to complete the pilgrimage before nightfall. Then I understood that many times we go astray by not trusting our intuition, by putting too much head and not listening to our heart, and to return to the right path, we must climb difficult hills, take roads where we face even bigger fears, and I also learned that this is perfect and this is how it should be. In order to reach our destination, we need to face those fears, and in the process, understand that by opening and surrendering ourselves, by trusting our heart completely, we are opening the gates of paradise. I understood that on the path lies the true learning and when you reach the goal, you will find another peak and another pilgrimage into your inner being, into the mysteries of the universe.


Wirikuta, all rights reserved

I have not used a pendulum for some time now, I feel that we can become dependent on it. When we use our pendulum, we are connecting with our subconscious, with our feeling, and you know what the most powerful pendulum is? our heart. The pendulum made of crystal, metal, wood, clay or any other material, is an exceptional method to see the answers to the questions we doubt, there is no doubt about that. However, it is an instrument with which we learn to listen to our heart and after we have learned, we can let it go.

Having said that, this is not the only use the pendulum has, we can find water, we can find injuries, and if we use an answer board, we can communicate with other realms. The uses of the pendulum are limitless and I advise and encourage everyone to find how this tool can best assist, always in service to the highest good.

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And have you connected with a pendulum?

What have your experiences been?

Is it something new? Do you have questions?

I read you!


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